Two Doulas Table D’hôte

Two Doulas PACKAGE $1500*

Birth Doula Services
  • Up to three 2-hour prenatal visits where we talk about all of the important aspects of your pregnancy, birth, and what to do with the small person who will be living with you after. We figure out what your goals, hopes, priorities, and needs are, as well as going over your concerns and fears.
  • Text, phone, and email support.
  • On-call support as of 38 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Continual, non-judgmental, physical, emotional, and informational support during labour and birth.
  • A postnatal follow-up visit to see how you are getting on and go over the story of your birth. Things can get a bit fuzzy so it is really nice to go over our notes together and fill in the gaps, as well as sit and listen to you.

~ PLUS ~

Postpartum Doula Services
  • Four 3-hour home visits (for a total of 12 hours)
  • Non-judgmental emotional support as you adjust to your new role
  • Breastfeeding support with referrals to lactation consultants if necessary
  • Information to help with postpartum healing (got hemorrhoids?)
  • Baby minding (so that you can take a well-deserved nap or shower … hey, let’s go crazy and get you both)
  • Information about infant care (We can answer your questions and help you figure out how to use that cool baby carrier you got)
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housework
  • Text, phone and email support

‘All The Things’ PACKAGE $1800*

Birth Doula Services
Postpartum Doula Services

~ PLUS ~

Private Prenatal Education

The class is 6 – 8 hours (depending on how quickly we talk), to be divided into one, two or three sessions. We will cater our material to fit your schedule. Main topics include:

  • The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • Health and nutrition in pregnancy, common pregnancy grievances and discomforts and what you can do about them
  • Common health concerns in pregnancy
  • Physiological birth (what happens when you do nothing to intervene and the baby comes out)
  • Common hospital protocols and interventions
  • Out of hospital birth (either at home or at a birth centre)
  • Complications of pregnancy and birth and what is often done to minimize risk
  • Newborn care and infant feeding (breast, bottle, cup, tube, syringe)
  • New parent care (It’s not just the baby who needs caring)

Two Doulas À La Carte

Birth Doula Services $1200*
Postpartum Doula Services $450*
Private Prenatal Education $375*

Side Orders

Additional prenatal visits $90*
Additional postpartum visits $100*

* plus applicable taxes