Birth doula support

You will always remember how you were made to feel during birth.

Birth matters. Not because it has to happen a particular way but because it’s an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. No matter how your birth unfolds, we want you to feel positive and powerful. Our continuous support through pregnancy and birth is a big step towards achieving that.

As birth doulas we accompany your family as it grows by providing informational, emotional and physical support. What exactly does that mean?

Informational Support

Knowledge Department

Answers to your burning questions:
What will birth be like?
What are my options?
How can I advocate for myself?
How do I feed my baby?

Information about common tests and procedures.

What to expect at your hospital or birthing centre.

Physical Support

Hands-on Department

Increase your comfort during labor:
massage, guided visualization, position changes, breath work, rebozo and other techniques.

Create and maintain the ambiance you want for your birth.

Help everyone on your birth team manage the simple but often neglected tasks of eating, drinking and rest.

Emotional Support

Feelings Department

Listen and give you a space to process your emotions. The good, the bad and the ugly. Your feelings are valid and important to us.

In-person prenatal meetings to discuss all aspects of birth, including the emotional stuff.

Support by phone, text or email. Having a difficult day being pregnant? Anxious about birth? Past your due date?
Call your doula!

We know that your experience of pregnancy and birth is as unique as you are.

We get to know what is important to you, learn about your priorities and values, and help create the conditions that serve you best. To minimise stress and surprises, we walk you through what you can expect from your place of birth and the type of care provider you’ve chosen. as well as ensure that you understand ALL of your choices.

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Looking to prepare for the unpredictable? Our prenatal classes teach you everything you need to know about having and caring for your baby.

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fourth, whether you are having one baby or twins, whether you are giving birth by cesarean or are planning a VBAC, whether you would prefer an unmedicated birth or not, whether you want to give birth in a hospital, a birthing centre, or your home, we have the tools and knowledge to help guide you. No matter how your pregnancy and birth unfolds, our doulas will be by your side.