Lee is amazing. The guidance and support we received throughout the pregnancy, during my crazy and intense labour, and postpartum was invaluable. She’s always available for questions and full of so much great advice. You truly feel cared for. We could not have done it without her!

Sonia G.

Working with Jenny and Lee was truly an outstanding experience, especially as first time parents. Both Jenny and Lee have a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery. Everything about being pregnant and recovering from childbirth felt less scary because they really made us feel like they had our backs. I knew I could text or call either one of them regardless of the time of day and would receive a tremendous amount of support with zero judgement. Throughout my labor and delivery, Jenny was amazing to both myself and my fiancé and my postpartum recovery was a breeze thanks to Lee! My fiancé and I definitely recommend Two Doulas to anyone who is considering having this added support. You will not regret it! Thanks Jenny and Lee! We will see you with our second baby!

Casimira T.

Jenny and Lee are both amazing! This was our first birth and having them available, both in person and over text and phone, was a huge support for me and my partner.

They are both incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, which made us feel well-informed and confident in our new adventure as parents. They both work in a holistic way that helped me overcome some of my prenatal and postpartum anxiety, and feel supported emotionally, mentally, and physically.

They work in a non-judgmental way, which made us feel comfortable to make our own choices throughout the process, including how we chose to labour as well as feed and sleep after the birth. I highly recommend their services for anyone who feels they need an advocate during the birth and support before and after.

Naomi M.

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to the “Two Doulas.”  Although I initially started with prenatal classes, it was not long before I had signed up for their full service package. 

Jenny’s customized prenatal classes included everything I needed to know to ensure a confident third trimester and birth.  Her warmth, knowledge and insight made it clear that her presence at my son’s birth was an essential part of the experience. Jenny provided us with the comfort we needed in what turned out to be a challenging birth.

Shortly after my son was born, it was clear that I needed more help than originally anticipated and so instead of just a few sessions with Lee, I had the absolute pleasure of 14 full days of care over a 4 week period.  During that time, Lee patiently taught me many things a first-time mom needed to know while ensuring I was cared for, rested and relaxed.

Jenny and Lee came into our home and helped our family and for that, I am very thankful.

Lauren K.

“What’s a doula?” “How much?!” These were my initial thoughts when my pregnant girlfriend, nearing the one-month mark, proposed the use of a doula. “What do they do?” was my next thought, followed by a brief Google search and a crash-course given by Wikipedia—where all laymen go to unburden their ignorance.

Self-admittedly I knew absolutely nothing about the functions of a doula and, as parenthood loomed large in my mind, I thought about how having a doula present in our lives prior to, during, and after the birth seemed to detract from the importance of the father’s presence during these life altering moments.  Setting all my unsubstantiated judgments and ignorant proclivities aside, I sat down to meet with Lee.

Lee is, not was, our doula. Lee will forever be our doula. Lee is deeply knowledgeable, which provided both myself and my girlfriend great comfort. She is very personable, which helps shatter any hang-ups you may have when discussing an awkward subject matter such as involuntary defecation during birth. Lee is caring, thoughtful, insightful, compassionate, nurturing, and a whole host of other adjectives used to describe a good human being. Lee, our doula, is wonderful.

Leading up to the birth we met with Lee on three separate occasions. We discussed various things such as pain, coping techniques for pain, fears, hopes, general and specific goals which we wished to uphold through our birth plan, among other things. Within the first five minutes of speaking to Lee during that initial visit I was sold, and I will tell you why: she actually engaged me in conversation. After having been to numerous appointments throughout the first few weeks of our pregnancy I quickly learned that within these doctor’s offices I was nothing more than an apparition. Lee, conversely, asked my opinion and earnestly cared about my answer. “How are you feeling about all of this?” “Do you have any expectations?” “What are the things you find most frightening about this?”

All of it! I was so thankful someone had finally asked.

During the birth Lee was superb. She interceded at all the right moments and otherwise remained removed yet attentive, giving myself and my girlfriend a comfortable space for us to focus. Nearing the twelve-hour mark, I was in need of a break and Lee, sensitive to my fatigue, reassured me that taking a break is not a form of abandonment. I took my five minutes. Lee didn’t miss a beat.

Our baby girl, Ellington, was born a healthy 6lbs., 1oz., and Lee remained present until she knew all things were taken care of. Soon after the birth I came over and hugged Lee: “Thank you.” I have never meant those words more.

This is the first testimonial I have ever had to write. Hopefully, in the scant few words above, I have done some justice to the importance our doula played in the nine months leading up to, and the weeks that followed our birth. I have never met another doula, yet, somehow, I know, Lee is the benchmark.

There are few things in life which are affordable yet priceless, a Doula is truly one of those things. And although we paid for the services of a doula, we earned the friendship of an exceptional person. Lee is, not was, our doula.

Chris C.

During my 57 hour labor, Jenny was consistently bringing energy and support to me in a very connected way, both physically and emotionally. She talked me through some very difficult moments as my planned home birth turned into a hospital birth. She made me feel okay to be vulnerable and let those emotional barriers go in order to move forward and roll with the punches. Jenny also helped me establish a phenomenally successful breastfeeding start by guiding me to the resources, information, and tools that I needed in those critical first days. Through it all, she made my needs the #1 priority and advocated for me when I was not able to speak up for myself. Birth is an experience where the unexpected is very likely to occur, and having a doula like Jenny to help me through the unexpected moments of my birth was invaluable to me, my partner, and our daughter. We can’t thank her enough!!

Gab M.

I cannot begin to explain how vital Jenny was to our birthing experience.  Before meeting her, I didn’t even know what a doula was! Jenny didn’t only provide the emotional and physical support that I needed, but she also educated me on what to expect before, during and after delivery.  My labor was lengthly, there were some complications, and my delivery was not how I had anticipated it might go… Jenny was at my side through 3 hospital shifts, massaging me, helping me breathe through the pain, and guiding my husband to be the most supportive partner he could be. Together, they were the best team I could ask for!

Liz O.

Jenny Gold is an excellent doula. We couldn’t have asked for a more well-grounded, perceptive and attentive person to accompany us as we brought our first child into the world. She explained the whole birthing process to us in advance, prepared us for the worst, best and all other possible scenarios of what could happen on the ‘big day’ in a matter-of-fact, simple and clear way. She helped us shape our birthing plan by quickly identifying what approach best suited our personalities and sensibilities. She kept us calm and focused through the most stressful parts. She knew when we needed our own space, but also when to intervene to help us get what we wanted and needed from the staff at the hospital as well as from the whole experience. She is at the top of our list for round two!

Miriam M.

Looking back, having Jen as my wife’s doula was the best decision we made the entire pregnancy. From my perspective, I was terrified that when my wife went into labor, I would be useless and not know what to do or how to comfort her. Having a doula be there to support and comfort my wife, anticipate her needs as well as coach me on how I could be most helpful was such a relief. It let me be in the moment and took away so much stress. I truly don’t know how we would have made it through 44 hours of labor without backup! 

Alex A.

I met Lee through Jenny and pretty much fell in love with her instantly.  On top of adjusting to parenthood, I was carrying some extra emotional baggage and was sad – not about my baby or being a new mom – but other life events that I had no control over. I got a phone call from her, we chatted and she offered her support, which I gladly accepted. The first time we met, she tiptoed into my house, listened to my cries, strapped my baby to her, cleaned my kitchen, folded my laundry and encouraged me to shower and nap for an hour. It was lovely and perfect and exactly what I needed. Who knew? Lee has a genuine and unassuming kindness to her – she acts like the best friend you never knew you had and totally ‘gets’ what those scary, lonely, confusing times are like when everyone goes back to their real lives and you’re just starting to figure it out. The novelty of family and friends’ post-partum support sometimes wears off faster than one thinks after the first couple of weeks.  Hiring a post-partum doula is an amazing gift to yourself.

Liz O.