During my 57 hour labor, Jenny was consistently bringing energy and support to me in a very connected way, both physically and emotionally. She talked me through some very difficult moments as my planned home birth turned into a hospital birth. She made me feel okay to be vulnerable and let those emotional barriers go in order to move forward and roll with the punches. Jenny also helped me establish a phenomenally successful breastfeeding start by guiding me to the resources, information, and tools that I needed in those critical first days. Through it all, she made my needs the #1 priority and advocated for me when I was not able to speak up for myself. Birth is an experience where the unexpected is very likely to occur, and having a doula like Jenny to help me through the unexpected moments of my birth was invaluable to me, my partner, and our daughter. We can’t thank her enough!!

Gab M.

I cannot begin to explain how vital Jenny was to our birthing experience.  Before meeting her, I didn’t even know what a doula was! Jenny didn’t only provide the emotional and physical support that I needed, but she also educated me on what to expect before, during and after delivery.  My labor was lengthly, there were some complications, and my delivery was not how I had anticipated it might go… Jenny was at my side through 3 hospital shifts, massaging me, helping me breathe through the pain, and guiding my husband to be the most supportive partner he could be. Together, they were the best team I could ask for!

Liz O.

Jenny Gold is an excellent doula. We couldn’t have asked for a more well-grounded, perceptive and attentive person to accompany us as we brought our first child into the world. She explained the whole birthing process to us in advance, prepared us for the worst, best and all other possible scenarios of what could happen on the ‘big day’ in a matter-of-fact, simple and clear way. She helped us shape our birthing plan by quickly identifying what approach best suited our personalities and sensibilities. She kept us calm and focused through the most stressful parts. She knew when we needed our own space, but also when to intervene to help us get what we wanted and needed from the staff at the hospital as well as from the whole experience. She is at the top of our list for round two!

Miriam M.

Looking back, having Jen as my wife’s doula was the best decision we made the entire pregnancy. From my perspective, I was terrified that when my wife went into labor, I would be useless and not know what to do or how to comfort her. Having a doula be there to support and comfort my wife, anticipate her needs as well as coach me on how I could be most helpful was such a relief. It let me be in the moment and took away so much stress. I truly don’t know how we would have made it through 44 hours of labor without backup! 

Alex A.

I met Lee through Jenny and pretty much fell in love with her instantly.  On top of adjusting to parenthood, I was carrying some extra emotional baggage and was sad – not about my baby or being a new mom – but other life events that I had no control over. I got a phone call from her, we chatted and she offered her support, which I gladly accepted. The first time we met, she tiptoed into my house, listened to my cries, strapped my baby to her, cleaned my kitchen, folded my laundry and encouraged me to shower and nap for an hour. It was lovely and perfect and exactly what I needed. Who knew? Lee has a genuine and unassuming kindness to her – she acts like the best friend you never knew you had and totally ‘gets’ what those scary, lonely, confusing times are like when everyone goes back to their real lives and you’re just starting to figure it out. The novelty of family and friends’ post-partum support sometimes wears off faster than one thinks after the first couple of weeks.  Hiring a post-partum doula is an amazing gift to yourself.

Liz O.

Before I met Jenny, I was really scared about giving birth. I wasn’t sure I could do it even though my husband had a lot of faith in me. Jenny gave both me and my husband a lot of confidence and she was amazing at keeping me calm and focused during labour. She and my husband were a great team. I did it! Even though she says she knows I could have done it on my own, I don’t think I could have done it without her there to comfort and focus me. Hiring her was the best decision. Everyone should be as lucky as I was to have a doula like her.

Sarah B.

Lee was a thoughtful, compassionate and attentive doula. I can’t think back to the birth of my second child without thinking of Lee. She had such empathy; without my needing to articulate through words she seemed to know exactly what was required. Having experienced childbirth without a doula before, it became even more apparent just how crucial Lee was to the process. Her expert care helped make Eloise’s birth a wonderful, cherished moment. 

Emily M.

I was privileged to have Lee as my postpartum doula. She truly mothered the new mother in me. She empathized with my fatigue and my breastfeeding troubles and was highly knowledgeable in all areas of newborn care. Each time Lee visited, she helped ensure that I rested and ate. She shared some delicious recipes with me and taught me how to wear my baby with skill. She listened to my birth story and helped me process the life-changing experience that was still so fresh for me. I felt at ease with her caring for my newborn while I took a nap or stepped out for a quick breath of fresh air. Her support was calming and normalizing. I was so fortunate to have met Lee during this vulnerable time. Lee offers the perfect balance of practical and emotional support that every new (or second-time!) mother can benefit from. Any family would be lucky to have Lee’s calm and reassuring energy in their home during this precious time of transition.

Debbie V.

As a first time father I had done my research and I though I had a pretty good handle on what the birthing process was going to be like, in theory. Then my wife’s water broke at 4am and any theoretical framework for birth was swept right out from under my feet. Thankfully, Lee was there to catch me. Lee provided the calm, nurturing, strong framework that I needed to be my best for my wife. The birthing process is incredibly dynamic and Lee helped us both to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. From our early meetings to the final push Lee helped us to find and follow our own path. Prior to the birth of our son, I didn’t have any strong feelings about how the birthing process should unfold, and I still think that every birth is different and should be respected as such. With one exception; everyone deserves to have a doula like Lee to help and support them through the process. Although my wife and son are the heroes of the birth, we both agree that Lee was our champion.

Andrew R.