New Year, Same Doulas

It’s a new year. We are celebrating!


We Two Doulas have made one more trip around the sun.

We’ve seen kindness in hard moments, grit and humour in the face of challenge, and the struggle and triumph of adding a new person to the world again and again.

We have watched parents cross the tightrope of postpartum, knowing that there was a safety-net of community to catch them if they wobbled. And held them as they got back up if they fell.

To our friends, our clients old and new, their doctors, midwives and nurses, our families who support us with such love, and to all of you, happy new year!

PS, Fireworks are pretty, but these Two Doulas like an early night. If you’re not a baby coming or a really great show, we are probably going to bed by 10.

We need our beauty sleep.