Saying Goodbye to Postpartum Doula Care

So long, y’all!

I’ve been working as a  postpartum doula since 2012. These past six years have been an absolute privilege. I have worn and rocked so many babies, changed countless diapers, helped with first baths and dried many, many tears (of the baby and grownup variety). I have tried my best to listen without judgment, to leave every room a little more peaceful than it was when I entered it, and above all, to give new parents the space to find their own way, and to reassure them that yes — the postpartum period is a beautiful, joyous and sometimes heart-wrenching time — but that they are, indeed, doing it right. They are enough. And they are not alone.

This work has meant the world to me, but new opportunities are calling, and it’s time to say goodbye to postpartum doula work, and to the company I co-founded with the amazing Jenny Gold. I know that Montreal families will continue to be in great hands in the childbearing year, and that our newest doula Heather Collins will provide the rock-solid support that Two Doulas strives to give every day.

I’ll always carry these postpartum babes with me.

Thank you to all the families who trusted me with their most precious cargo. Thank you for opening your homes to me. Thank you for allowing me to witness your growth. Thank you for letting me cuddle your babies (and to secretly smell all of their lovely heads). I am so proud of you all.

I also want to thank my partner/work wife/best friend Jenny, who came into my life in my darkest hour, and showed me that there would be light again. Together, we conceived of and grew a wonderful little baby of our own, and I know you will continue to raise it with grace and love.

My husband once told me that the first baby cracks your heart wide open and the second steps in and fills it. I consider myself so lucky because these littlest of clients (and their mums and dads) have filled my own heart to overflowing. I will carry each and every one of you with me on this new journey.

Wishing you all nothing but love,


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