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New Website, Who Dis?

Two Doulas have been busy! We’ve been adapting and creating as this pandemic has challenged us to find new and different ways of supporting our clients through the big life things. And life, like birth, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why we think now is the perfect time to show you our new online home.

Two Doulas Hexagon Logo

We’ve got a new website and logo! Though we, Jenny & Heather, have been making sweet sweet doula music together for a few years already, the task of updating our online space had taken a back seat to the other work we’d been doing. The longer we worked together, the more we started to see Two Doulas evolve. We realized it was time to make our online home as gorgeous and comfortable to be with as we are! I’m so proud of our glow up. This website is truly our pandemic baby and we feel very privileged to get to show it off. 

Two Doulas is the embodiment of our vision for the kind of support that birthing families need. Attention, connection, reassurance, and space to sort through the noise. Like we often say, we weren’t meant to go through birth and postpartum alone in boxes, hidden away from our resources and community. By coming together and pairing birth support with postpartum care, teaching classes filled with evidence based information AND tons of heart, we help you cross that threshold into parenthood well surrounded.

Welcome. Make yourselves comfortable!