Two Doulas: Jenny Gold

Jenny Gold

Hi! I am Jenny Gold, a birth and postpartum doula and co-owner of Two Doulas. I’ve been working in birth since 2012 but have been nerding out about biology and reproduction my whole life.

Seriously, in grade 3 I read the entire set of Mini Animal Encyclopedias during recess and was a self-styled Jane Goodall to the insects in my childhood garden. And goodness did my dolls and stuffed animals ever have a lot of babies!

But it isn’t only the physical transformation of birth that captures my heart or attention, the emotional changes are equally as amazing. It is exciting and deeply fulfilling to get to know people as they navigate the hows and whys of growing their families.

The truth is, although I think babies are awesome, I’m in this for the adults. I feel like we, as a society, can be doing a better job of showing up for new and expectant parents and I like to lead by example.

Before finding my way to doula work, I taught yoga to people from many wonderful groups including children, seniors and people with special needs. My love of yoga and my love of birth come from a common place: being with people through transformation. The moment of witnessing the pride and sense of power that comes when we do something we weren’t sure was possible is pure joy. The physical and mental rigours of birth are worth celebrating! Especially the parts that aren’t glamorous (which, if I’m being honest, might be all of them). I am here to bring humour, compassion, and a sense of security to the people I support.

I am fortunate to have a family that is as passionate about me getting to do this job as I am. My partner and two daughters know that a happy Jenny is a doula-ing Jenny. Because they all have my back, I am able to swoop off to births and care for my clients with confidence that all human and dog family members will be fine whether I’m gone 2 hours or 24!

I have had no less than 2 pets at all times since I was 21 and at least 1 pet since I was born. I literally do not know what life is like without animals. I also can’t live without pickles, would choose fries over pies, and pies over cakes, every day of the week, and am happiest near water.

I trained to become a doula in 2012 and am always continuing to learn and add to my skills with various training and courses, including Spinning Babies®, Rebozo, and more. I maintain an up-to-date CPR certification and am registered through the ACNN.