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Ask A Family Doctor

For this edition of our Ask A… series, Two Doulas is picking the juicy brain of Hannah Shenker, a family doctor delivering babies and caring for families here in Montreal.

The 50th Percentile and Other Mythical Creatures

Average. Normal. NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling, it’s just that pregnancy and new parenthood are such fragile times already without adding fear about our bodies or babies not being average. If care providers could just give a little context around percentiles and other markers of averageness, folks might not be so freaked out! Naturally […]

Prenatal Yoga In The Old Port

Our friends at Yoga Vieux Montreal are running a 7 week prenatal yoga course! It’s a great deal and you get an extra 20% off by mentioning that Two Doulas sent you. So sign up and get that yoga glow. Did I mention that it starts tomorrow?! I have had a crazy week of babies and lice. […]

Ask A Doula

Heather Collins is the newest member of the team so in true Two Doulas style, she has agreed to do an Ask A…interview. How would you describe your job in just one sentence? I provide emotional, physical and informational support to families as they navigate the intense, joyful but sometimes overwhelming journey through pregnancy, birth […]

New Year, Same Doulas

  We Two Doulas have made one more trip around the sun. We’ve seen kindness in hard moments, grit and humour in the face of challenge, and the struggle and triumph of adding a new person to the world again and again. We have watched parents cross the tightrope of postpartum, knowing that there was […]

Bring Food!

Lee and I love food. We love to make it, eat it, and share it! In fact, whenever we Two Doulas do any postpartum doula work we always bring the new family something to eat. That’s why we are sharing some of our favourite nourishing dishes we make for our own families (and for you, if you’re a […]