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On Asking For Help

I have a three-year-old kid who’s pretty capable. And while she can do a lot of things by herself – go to the toilet and do a (reasonable) wipe job, put on her own socks and surf Netflix like a boss – she still asks Mummy and Daddy for help. Like a lot. With absolutely […]


I is for Induction

We are celebrating our Montreal prenatal class with the ABCs of prenatal classes. From A to Z let’s cover some common prenatal terms, I is for Induction, and what you will learn about them from our class. Induction: the process of bringing about or giving rise to something. In the case of birth, induction is […]


Pneumonia Took My Breath Away. Here’s What I Learned.

What sounds like Darth Vader and looks like a half-melted wax sculpture from Madame Toussaud’s? Me with pneumonia! That is what my winter break looked like, home with the kids and being the sickest I have ever been in my adult life. Thank god for grandparents and a doting partner, or I would be dead. Like, […]


New Website, Who Dis?

Two Doulas have been busy! We’ve been adapting and creating as this pandemic has challenged us to find new and different ways of supporting our clients through the big life things. And life, like birth, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why we think now is the perfect time to show you our new online […]


Lactation consultant vs Postpartum doula

What is the difference between a lactation consultant and a postpartum doula? Can a postpartum doula offer breastfeeding support? There are lots of normal challenges and questions surrounding breastfeeding that a postpartum doula can help with. In fact, for most people all that is needed is some education, tips and tricks, and a heapful of […]


What is a doula

My doula looked me in the eyes after an exhausting day of labor and said, “We aren’t going to give up here. You are going to give this your all and you *are* going to push your baby out.” Having someone who believed in me made a world of difference and I truly don’t know […]


C is for Contractions

We are celebrating our group prenatal class with the ABCs of prenatal classes. From A to Z let’s cover some common prenatal terms, C is for Contractions, and what you can learn about them from our class. Cookie monster might disagree with this one but contractions are the driving force behind birth so they are […]


Thank You Note

Happy World Doula Week! As the years go by more and more people are choosing doulas to accompany them during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Whether it be your best friend or the duchess herself, doulas are getting two thumbs up for playing an important, supportive role during this huge life transition. But the work […]


The 50th Percentile and Other Mythical Creatures

Average. Normal. NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling, it’s just that pregnancy and new parenthood are such fragile times already without adding fear about our bodies or babies not being average. If care providers could just give a little context around percentiles and other markers of averageness, folks might not be so freaked out! Naturally […]