Birth doula support

Pregnancy and birth can feel like a lot but you don’t have to face it alone. Two Doulas gives you peace of mind, comfort and confidence that your earliest days as a parent will be supported. Imagine having your fears and worries eased so you can focus on the excitement of growing your family.

Navigating Birth

It is a jungle of information out there. Let us simplify your journey through it. We will explore your wishes and available options together. And if birth unfolds in a way you hadn’t anticipated we will be there to help you steer through new waters.


Your doula will be a familiar presence throughout your pregnancy and birth. Let’s face it, continuity of care is not always possible in our healthcare system. Care providers may differ from appointments to your labour but your doula is with you the whole way.

Support for the whole family

Your doula is not just there for you! Your partner or loved ones will also benefit from our expertise and calm surrounding birth, no matter how it happens. They will feel more confident supporting you with fewer responsibilities and more tools to help them (and you!) cope better.

How you feel is important

Being supported by someone experienced, compassionate and familiar is a game changer. The evidence shows that having a doula decreases the incidence of unwanted interventions, including surgery. More importantly, hiring a doula increases your chance of being satisfied with your birth.

Regardless of how your birth unfolds, you will always remember how you were made to feel.

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The nitty gritty of what doulas do

Having an experienced doula by your side is like having a toolbox of expertise, from prenatal preparation to hands-on labor support to newborn care. We split our toolbox into three main categories:

Informational Support

Knowledge Department

Answers to your burning questions:
What will birth be like?
What are my options?
How can I advocate for myself?
How do I feed my baby?

Information about common tests and procedures.

What to expect at your hospital or birthing centre.

Physical Support

Hands-on Department

Increase your comfort during labour:
massage, guided visualization, position changes, breath work, rebozo and other techniques.

Create and maintain the ambiance you want for your birth.

Help everyone on your birth team manage the simple but often neglected tasks of eating, drinking and rest.

Emotional Support

Feelings Department

Listen and give you a space to process your emotions. The good, the bad and the ugly. Your feelings are valid and important to us.

In-person prenatal meetings to discuss all aspects of birth, including the emotional stuff.

Support by phone, text or email. Having a difficult day being pregnant? Anxious about birth? Past your due date?
Call your doula!

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What people have said about Two Doulas

“Jenny made me feel safe, comfortable and confident in myself (which was a very hard thing to do at the time!!), and whenever I was struggling, she was there!”

“Heather really helped us prepare for labour, especially mentally, asking important questions and listening to our thoughts and fears and how we hoped it would go. She made me feel empowered that I had choices.”

Pricing and packages

Birth SupportTwo Doulas PackageAll the ThingsAll the Things Deluxe
2 in-person prenatal meetings
In-person support during labor and birth
Unlimited phone, text, email support
12 hours postpartum support
Group prenatal class
Private prenatal class

*plus applicable taxes

Virtual doula support also available.

Contact us for details.

The nitty gritty about what you get with birth doula support

Birth doula support comes with two in-person prenatal meetings, unlimited support through phone, text and email, support during your labor and birth, and a wrap-up meeting after your baby is born.

Support for all families

Two Doulas lovingly serve LGBTQ+ families, single parents, first time parents, second/third/fourth-time parents, people pregnant after loss(es) and every combination under the sun.

We also wholeheartedly support all of your choices: Whether you want a natural birth, unmedicated birth, have your sights on pain medication like an epidural, or you just want to see where labour takes you, anyone can benefit from a doula. We support home births, vaginal births after Cesarean (VBAC) and planned Cesarean births, as well as births of twins and multiples.

Birth matters.

Not because it has to happen a particular way but because it’s an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. No matter how your birth unfolds, we want you to feel positive and powerful. Two Doulas will support you the whole way through.

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