Postpartum doula support

All heart, no baggage

The big day has finally arrived. Your baby is born! You’ve given birth and become a parent but it can feel like there is no time for recovery. The focus shifts almost entirely to your baby and your own needs can get sidelined. It’s exciting but also overwhelming and exhausting, both physically and emotionally. And just when new parents are at their most vulnerable, their babies take centre stage.

We help create the conditions for a positive and enjoyable postpartum experience.

Nature didn’t intend for us to look after babies by ourselves in boxes. In the past we had villages and close communities with plenty of support who fed and cared for us after birth. Unfortunately for today’s parents, society has raised its expectations but removed the support of the village. We think that’s unfair!

At Two Doulas we are here to change the narrative and help new families find their groove. We do that by caring for you (and your family) so that you can care for your baby! As professional postpartum doulas we give you the rest you need, offer a safe space for listening and processing, and answer your questions to ease your transition into parenthood. All without judgement.

What do postpartum doulas do?

We provide:
Answers to all of your questions, about you and your baby!
Emotional support – heaps of it
Help with feeding (breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle-feeding, whatever!)
Resources for more complex or difficult situations (e.g. lactation consultants, physiotherapists etc.)
Help with bathing, diapering, swaddling, you name it
Tips for soothing your baby
Care for your baby so you can do something restorative (sleep or shower or BOTH!!)
Light housekeeping
Meal preparation
Text, phone and email support

We have experience with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, older siblings, postpartum depression and anxiety, colic, fussy babies, families who adopt, single parents, twins, the witching hour, babywearing, breast pumps and all of the gadgets that come with new babies.

How are we different than family and friends?

1) We aren’t in this to hold your baby (although it is a huge perk!).
2) Your parenting decisions won’t sting us if they are different from our own. We love seeing families thrive doing things their own way.
3) You are not hosting us. We see what needs doing and we do it.
4) We stay up-to-date on recommendations for baby care, if you want information we will provide it.

There are a lot of things about the postpartum period that you can’t control: how feeding will go, how your baby sleeps, your hormone fluctuations, etc. But you CAN prepare a great support system and a postpartum doula is an important part of that. Having access to a postpartum doula relieves a lot of stress so you can focus on the important business of bonding with your baby.

We also help foster your confidence around parenting at a pivotal time. After all postpartum doulas are experts in baby and parent care but YOU will be the lifelong expert of your baby.

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Pricing and packages

Postpartum support Two Doulas PackageAll the ThingsAll the Things Deluxe
12 hours postpartum support
Phone, text & email support
Birth doula support during your labor
Group prenatal class
Private prenatal class

*plus applicable taxes

Want a head start? Want to learn practical things about caring for baby and your family ahead of time? Check out our prenatal class.