As a first time father I had done my research and I though I had a pretty good handle on what the birthing process was going to be like, in theory. Then my wife’s water broke at 4am and any theoretical framework for birth was swept right out from under my feet. Thankfully, Lee was there to catch me. Lee provided the calm, nurturing, strong framework that I needed to be my best for my wife. The birthing process is incredibly dynamic and Lee helped us both to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. From our early meetings to the final push Lee helped us to find and follow our own path. Prior to the birth of our son, I didn’t have any strong feelings about how the birthing process should unfold, and I still think that every birth is different and should be respected as such. With one exception; everyone deserves to have a doula like Lee to help and support them through the process. Although my wife and son are the heroes of the birth, we both agree that Lee was our champion.

Andrew R.