When I found out I was pregnant, I started researching doulas and after looking at a number of different profiles, I just couldn’t read any more after reading about Two Doulas. So we made a date to meet up and talk about what we were looking for. During our first meeting we had so much fun that I was absolutely confident that we had found the right team. Jenny and Lee are a great pair and they complement each other so very well. My husband and I wanted to learn as much as we could about the whole process so we signed up for their prenatal classes as well as their pre- and post-natal visits (All The Things). We really appreciated their approach to teaching and the experience that they have in being able to answer our questions. Whenever I had and still have questions, they are always there for me with helpful advice and answers. When I went into labour, Jenny was there for us at every step of the way and was always encouraging me to ask questions and to help us feel confident that we were doing things that felt right for us. With her help and encouragement we were able to have a super positive experience and natural labour. When we came home with our beautiful baby we felt confident and reassured that we had all the support we needed to look after this tiny new person in our lives. It was so comforting for me knowing that Jenny or Lee was coming to visit. Even after our last meeting they are so encouraging to keep in touch or ask them questions. They have been such an important part of this experience for us. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

Jennifer K.