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It’s summer!!

It’s summer in Montreal! The sun is out or it’s thunder-storming. Where can you go to cool off? Where can you walk with a sleeping baby in a stroller? Where can you take your older child to get out their energy? Here is a mishmash of places to go for Montreal families.

I met Lee through Jenny and pretty much fell in love with her instantly.  On top of adjusting to parenthood, I was carrying some extra emotional baggage and was sad – not about my baby or being a new mom – but other life events that I had no control over. I got a phone call… Read more →

Liz O.

Looking back, having Jen as my wife’s doula was the best decision we made the entire pregnancy. From my perspective, I was terrified that when my wife went into labor, I would be useless and not know what to do or how to comfort her. Having a doula be there to support and comfort my… Read more →

Alex A.