Birth & Postpartum Montreal Doula Services

Are you pregnant? Got a new baby? Want some help with that?
Don’t worry – We’ve got you covered.

Pregnant in Montreal? 8 Things You Need to Know

Birth doula support

As birth doulas we help you during pregnancy and labor by:

  • Reducing your fear and anxiety around birth
  • Increasing your confidence to birth how you want
  • Supporting you without judgement

We do this by providing informational, emotional and physical support. Learn more.

Postpartum doula support

Spoiler alert: Your baby comes out and you will have to care for them. Indefinitely!

As postpartum doulas we:

  • Answer all of your newborn questions.
  • Give you and others in your family time to restore
  • Help you hear your inner voice amidst the noise of everyone’s advice.

People spend a lot of time focusing and preparing for birth, but they forget about what comes after. We care for you and your family so that you can better care for your baby. Learn more.

Prenatal classes

We teach evidence-based prenatal classes for people who want to know their options and practice their labour-coping tools in a safe and fun way. We guide you through pregnancy, birth and baby so you will be prepared at each step.

Learn more about our group and private classes taught by Montreal doulas.

From the Blog

Ask A Midwife

Trista Leggett is a Midwife serving families in the Montreal area. Here is a chance to get to know her a little better!

Jenny accompanied me at the hospital for the birth of my first child. She was calm and reassuring. Exactly what I needed. We met twice before and texted a lot after my baby’s birth. I am quite the anxious person and needed exactly this type of person to help me through this MAJOR life event…. Read more →

Jade Z

I was privileged to have Lee as my postpartum doula. She truly mothered the new mother in me. She empathized with my fatigue and my breastfeeding troubles and was highly knowledgeable in all areas of newborn care. Each time Lee visited, she helped ensure that I rested and ate. She shared some delicious recipes with… Read more →

Debbie V.