About The Doulas

Jenny Gold


I have been a doula in Montreal since 2012. My personal experience as a birth-giver as well as witness to birth, along with my background in yoga and deep respect for the body’s power and wisdom, enable me to offer flexible, passionate support to families in the childbearing year. I approach birth with an open mind and heart, and honour all choices. I believe that the best birth is one with excellent support, that births are diverse, and that each one is as unique as the person borne from it.

I am the proudest parent in the world to two children, without whom I would never have found my way to this meaningful work, and have the most supportive and involved partner, who enables and encourages me to serve my birthing families to the fullest.

I am certified by MotherWit and accredited by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada, so I am able to issue receipts for insurance purposes. I also maintain a CPR certification through Montreal Secours.

Heather Collins


I am a birth and postpartum doula with a passion for helping families. As a scientist with a doctorate in Biology I am fascinated by the intricacies of pregnancy and birth but as a mother I know that there is so much more to this transformative time. Birth matters. Not because it has to happen in a particular way or place but because it is the beginning of everything. Everyone’s journey into parenthood is unique but, universally, having confidence and support as you enter this new chapter can make all the difference.

I provide unconditional, compassionate support for all types of births and during the early postpartum period. I am here to listen to your doubts and concerns, answer your questions, give continuous physical and emotional support during labor, facilitate bonding and ultimately I aim to instill confidence in your own strength and abilities.

My passion for doula work stems from experiencing the impact of positive support firsthand before and after the births of my two sons. This inspired me to complete my birth doula training in 2016 and postpartum doula training in 2017 with Motherwit.

Natalie Heron

I am a postpartum and birth doula who has, over the years, accumulated a varied background. The thread throughout all of my work, from theatre to being a personal-cook, to work in a university to the non-profit sector, has been to nurture. I support people in their most powerful and vulnerable moments.  

Early parenthood and birth are times when you ought to have compassionate support. This helps you discover the depth of your love, strength, and capacity as your family grows. I bring all my skills and knowledge to the service of birthing folks and families. My goal is to hold space for your journey.  

I completed my postpartum and birth doula training with MotherWit in 2016, I have my reiki levels 1 and 2, and have studied aromatherapy. I am also currently training to become a holistic reproductive practitioner with By the Moon.