Looking back at 2019

2019 has been a year of growth for Two Doulas and we thought we’d reflect back. This past year Two Doulas birthed a trifecta: a group prenatal class, a parent-baby group and a new team member. I’m kidding, we can’t take credit for that last one, Natalie’s parents deserve it.

Group prenatal classes

Two Doulas expanded our Montreal prenatal class offerings to include group classes in the Plateau. It is important to us to offer a prenatal class that is practical, engaging, evidence-based as well as being rich with the aspects of birth/parenthood that you don’t hear about from your doctor (or the movies!). It’s been an immense pleasure to hear from our graduates after they welcomed their babies and we are excited for more in 2020.

Parenthood drop-in

Our weekly Montreal parent group is open to EVERYONE and has been a delight since the fall. Having a space that allows us to snuggle our clients’ babies beyond our time with them has been wonderful so I guess it’s not completely altruistic 😛 It’s also been a space for getting to know parents and babies who weren’t our clients and watching parent friendships grow. Resources and tips have been shared; snacks and coffee enjoyed with both hands; commiseration and celebration of parenthood are a weekly affair! (Wednesdays at 10am, it restarts January 8th.)

Babies galore at our Montreal parent-baby group

New team member Natalie

In 2019 Two Doulas ignored the confines of our name and brought a new member on board, Natalie! We want people to have a net of support in two different people as birth and postpartum doulas (or with a primary and backup doulas) but your pool to choose from has grown. Natalie has brought her warmth, support and compassion to the families we serve and we are so much better for it!

We also did our fair share of learning this year. Heather became an Evidence-Based Birth® instructor which means our class offerings will be that much juicier in 2020. The trio at Two Doulas furthered our Rebozo knowledge in a workshop in November. It has been great exposing our clients to the connection of the Rebozo and seeing the deep relaxation, trust, and power it encourages.

We are excited for 2020 and already know it’s going to be a joy to watch families grow. Wishing you and yours happy holidays and a wonderful new year!