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Jessica Jones And My Quarter-Pound Problem

I love superheroes. I really enjoyed bingeing the heck out of Daredevil on Netflix, and was super excited to see a new Marvel show crop up called Jessica Jones, that takes place in the same fictional New York. I’m going to talk about the show but I will be intentionally very vague because spoilers are […]

Fur-Baby Meets (Mostly) Bald, Human Baby

Pets are basically the best. They love us when we’re down, they don’t care how we look, they keep us company, provide stress-relief, comic relief, and an excuse to get out of a boring encounter (“Oh sorry, I have to go walk my dog/feed my fish/count my sea-monkeys). Many of us parents have pets in […]

Pregnancy: The Awkward Phase

Hormones, man. Hormones are some very powerful things. The changes that happen to our bodies in adolescence thanks to those ‘mones are HUGE! I’m pretty sure that is why I had such a long and drawn out awkward phase. I was surprised and not super excited when, for me, pregnancy felt like a second round […]