The Two Doulas Salute to Dads

Thanks, Pop.

Thanks, Pop.

Dear Dads,

This Father’s Day, we would like to thank you.

Thank you for being there on the day we were born. Thank you for building forts with us. Thank you for tickling us until we couldn’t breathe. Thank you for playing with us (even if you never let us win). Thank you for your terrible jokes. Thank you for teaching us some hard lessons.

Jenny and Marc circa 1987.

Jenny and Marc circa 1986. He is still helping keep her afloat to this day.

Thank you for being our partners. Thank you for showing up every day for our children. Thank you for modelling to our sons and daughters what a loving bond between father and child looks like.

Thank you for being amazing Grandpas, Granddads, Papas, Poppies, Pop-Pops. Thank you for delighting in our children and loving them in a new and special way.

For those of you who are no longer with us, we will honour your memory and keep you in our hearts forever. Know that despite our very best intentions, we will find ourselves repeating your lame jokes to our kids.

Lee and Robert John circa 1985. A great dad and lover of naughty t-shirts. RIP.

Lee and Robert John in 1985. A great dad and lover of naughty t-shirts. RIP.

We love you, Dads. Have an awesome Father’s Day.


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  1. Alicia | FreshBabyGear
    Alicia | FreshBabyGear says:

    An adorable way to thank all dads in the world. Such a cute picture it reminds me of me and my dad back in the eighties. My dad used to carry me on his neck around the block every afternoon because I was refusing to eat my dinner before that walk. Cute times.


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