Nurses, We Choo Choo Choose You!

We Heart Nurses
We Heart Nurses

It’s Valentine’s Day and true to our curmudgeonly selves, Two Doulas will not be acting overly romantic. However, it wouldn’t be right not to send love to the frontline workers pouring their everything into helping parents give birth safely, who work with us to pull our client’s labours out of the toilet, (like sometimes actually – toilets and labour are a total couple, but that’s for a different post), to the be-scrubbed, crocs-wearing, vitals-checking angels that are nurses.

So I did what I always do when it’s someone’s birthday or some other life-event and I’m too cheap/broke to actually buy them something – I wrote them a poem:

For The Nurses We Love

Jenny Gold

There once was a birth I attended
That started as well as it ended.
It was in between
When contractions were mean
That I was glad for the nurse I had friended.

Her demeanour was calm and serene
She quietly assessed the scene
And when labour was hairy
She kept it un-scary
With skills and suggestions supreme.

Nurses might have super powers,
They put in insanely long hours
They’re borderline saintly
Their hearts are not faintly
And I wish I could buy them all flowers

Roses are red, and pink and white too. You're all totes, so we say THANK YOU!
Roses are red, and pink and white too. You’re all totes amazing, so we say THANK YOU!

To all of you parents and your tiny valentines within and without, have a wonderful day whether you do Valentine’s Day or just Sunday funday. And if you happen to see a nurse today, hug them…unless it’s weird. You can always just smile meaningfully too. Or buy them a coffee.

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