The Two Doulas Must-Have List for Pregnancy

‘Tis the season for wishlists and we at Two Doulas can’t resist a good list. This year we are trying a new kind of Must-Have list.

What is a doula

My doula looked me in the eyes after an exhausting day of labor…

Ask A Midwife

Trista Leggett is a Midwife serving families in the Montreal area. Here is a chance to get to know her a little better!

Ask A Family Doctor

For this edition of our Ask A... series, Two Doulas is picking the juicy brain of Hannah Shenker, a family doctor delivering babies and caring for families here in Montreal.

C is for Contractions

We are celebrating our group prenatal class with the ABCs of…

Ask A Doula

Heather Collins is the newest member of the team…

New Year, Same Doulas

  We Two Doulas have made one more trip around the sun. We've…

Happy (Belated) Birthday To Us!

Nailed it. (I'm on the right) Yes, that's right, we forgot…

What Makes A Baby: The Giveaway

"But I don't understand. How does the baby get in to the uterus?" The…

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

"I think we should see other people." "You seem great on paper,…
Ask a Birth Photographer

Ask A Birth Photographer

We ask the same six questions we always ask. This week, TWO DOULAS talks to birth photographer Reagan Alexander.