Happy (Belated) Birthday To Us!

Nailed it. (I'm on the right)
Nailed it. (I’m on the right)

Yes, that’s right, we forgot our own birthday. But hey, better late than never, right??

One year (and 2 days) ago Two Doulas was born. And in true doula nature, I’ll share the birth story here:

It all began when Lee Springer and I, Jenny Gold, were but two mild-mannered, lone doulas trying to make it in the world while simultaneously sniffing each other out for friendship. The sniffing was fruitful and a match was made! We became good friends and quickly discovered the need, career-wise, to erm … sh*t or get off the pot. Romanic right? So, after much careful thought and the support of our incredibly patient partners, Lee and I made a plan.

There were stirrings. We two doulas tried not to get too excited, these early sensations are a time to rest and gather strength. We breathed through making a website, vocalized as we coped with anxiety and excitement, and visualized our soon-to-be-born company. And then, the moment came and Two Doulas glided out with our sanity (mostly) intact.

Throughout this past year, Two Doulas has met our milestones – some early and some, a little later. We have had ups and downs – like making amazing relationships with care providers and nurses, or like that time I learned what rest is for … by getting pneumonia.

But growing pains and pneumonia aside, it really has been the best year. And out of all of our collective birth experiences, this baby was the least painful.

Of all the great things about our birthday, the best thing about turning 1 is this: We get to look back at all of the babies and parents growing along with us. Our clients have given us so much and it’s really to them that we say the biggest thanks. It is because of the parents who hire us and believe in us that Two Doulas exists at all. So thank you, Two Doulas families!! Lee and I are forever grateful that we get to have the best job ever!

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    • Jenny Gold
      Jenny Gold says:

      Aw Thanks Lesley! You know we could never have gotten here without your support and mentoring. <3

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